When creating a bid, GCs have flexibility in selecting the number of bidders and defining the bid type and process.

Bid Type

  1. Single Party Bid: Allows adding only one bidder, making it a single-party bid

  2. Multi Party Bid (Default): Permits multiple bidders, creating a multi-party bid

Bid Process

  1. Open Bid: Reveals the bid value to other bidders at the end of the bid

  2. Closed Bid (Default): Keeps the bid value confidential from other bidders

Filtering Options

Users can filter companies based on various criteria:

  • Scope Filter: Choose from "This Project" and "Organizational"

  • Diverse Supplier: Select one or more diverse supplier categories to filter companies

  • Compliance Status: Filter companies by "All," "Compliant," "Not Verified," or "Not Compliant (New)"

Adding Bidders

  • Select a company and contact person

  • If a single contact person (Bid Response Manager) is available, the contact field is auto-filled. Otherwise, GCs can manually choose one

  • Click the '+' button to add the selected company as a bidder

  • To set the order of bidders, drag and drop them as needed

Additional Scenarios

  • If the contact person selected isn't a Bid Response Manager, they'll be mapped as one upon adding

  • When selecting a company from the organizational list, both the company and the user become part of the project team and are added as Bid Response Managers

  • You can create a new company by entering the new company name in the Search box and clicking the now enabled '+' button. Provide the necessary details in the company creation dialog. The user will still have to create team members and associate with the newly created company

After adding Bidders to a bid, the 'Post Bid' button gets enabled for the GC's to post a Bid. Refer to the following article on detailed explanation of posting or scheduling a bid package.

How to Post or Schedule a BID?

Last Updated: Dec-11-23