A bid can be posted by the GC once all the necessary information has been recorded in the bid and all the associated bidders have been added. 

Draft to Ready: A bid moves from 'Draft' to 'Ready to Post' when you have: 

  1.  Specified the Bid Package Name 

  2. Added at least one Budget Line Item 

  3. Included Start and End Dates 

  4. Added at least one Bidder

Manual Post: Click the 'Post Bid' button when the necessary details are ready. The bid status changes to 'Active' after posting.

Scheduled Status: If the Start Date is in the future, the status is 'Scheduled.' A warning is shown if date validation fails.

Notification: All bidders are notified when the bid status becomes 'Active'

Viewing an Active Bid

Open Right Pane: Double-click an 'Active' or 'Scheduled' bid to open the right pane.

Tabs: Bid Queries and Award Bid tabs become enabled for 'Active' or 'Scheduled' bids.

Read-Only Data: Bid Details, Reference Files, and Bidders tabs show data in 'READ ONLY' format for 'Active' or 'Scheduled' bids.

An ‘Active’ bid will have all the following tabs enabled:

  1. Bid Details

  2. Reference Files

  3. Bidders

  4. Award Bids

  5. Bid Queries

Last Updated: Dec-11-23