GC’s can award a bid to a Vendor after the necessary information has been received from all the bidders and the vendor quotes have been validated against the bid.

  • 'Award Bid' Tab: Enabled for an 'ACTIVE' bid.

  • Bidders Tab: Displays bidders in the order set during bid creation.

  • Bidders Information includes:

    • Bidder/Company Name and Logo

    • Bid Value (Red if greater than Budget, Green if lesser)

    • Number of Attachments

    • Intent to Bid

    • Submission Status

  • Select Bidder: 

    • Tapping a Bidder tile highlights it in yellow

    • The top Right Panel displays Bidder's Company Name, Submitted On, and Submitted By fields

    • The Bid Package Details Include: Unit Cost, UOM, Budget Value, and Bid Value for each Work Item

    • Grand Total: Shows Budget Value and Bid Value totals (Green if Bid Value < Budget, Red if Bid Value > Budget)

    • Bid Details: Displayed for each Bidder. Includes Bid Package Details, Bid Cover Letter, Inclusions, Exclusions, and Supporting Documents. Clicking on 'Attachments (n)' takes you to the Supporting Documents section.

  • 'Award Bid' Button: (Initially disabled)

    • If the selected Bidder's Bid Value matches Budget Value, 'Award Bid' is enabled immediately

    • 'Award Bid' is enabled only when the Submission Status is 'Submitted'

  • Update Budget: A confirmation is asked from the GC if the Bid Value is different from the Budget Value. Once confirmed, the Budget is updated to the new Bid Value, and 'Award Bid' is enabled.

'Award Bid' Confirmation appears with options:

  • Award Bid & Create Contract Later: Bid is awarded to a vendor and a contract can be manually created by the GC anytime later

  • Award Bid & Create Contract Now: Bid is awarded to a vendor and system auto-creates a Vendor Contract with the same name as the Bid Package. This contract will be created in the ‘Draft’ state with a few details auto-populated from the bid

After a bid is awarded: :

  • A 'Trophy' watermark is added to the Bid awardee

  • The Status changes to 'Awarded'

  • Bid Package Status for the Bid Response Manager is updated

  • Submission Status for the Bid Manager is updated

  • All countdown timers will be stopped

  • A link to the vendor contract will be displayed in the toast

Last Updated: Dec-11-23