A Bid’s ‘Status’ helps users understand the bid lifecycle and how to effectively manage bids within the system. The status of a bid is clearly indicated by an icon in the first column and specified in the ‘Status’ column of the main grid. 

The 'Status' column features a filter that allows the Bid Manager to select one or more statuses and filter bids accordingly. When no status is selected, the filter button appears black. If one or more filters are applied, the button turns blue, indicating that filters are in use.

Bid Statuses:

  • Draft: The bid is newly created, and many fields need to be entered. A bid cannot be posted from this status.

  • Ready to Post: When all required information is filled in, the status becomes 'Ready to Post,' indicating the bid can now be posted.

  • Scheduled: A bid set for a future start date, when clicked on 'Post Bid,' is marked as 'Scheduled.' It will be automatically posted when the future date/time arrives.

  • Active: When a bid is posted with the current date, its status becomes 'Active.'

  • Paused: If an active bid is paused, the status changes to 'Paused.' A notification is sent to all bidders. It can be resumed by clicking on the ‘Resume Bid’ icon.

  • Expired: If the bid is not awarded within the stipulated time, the status becomes 'Expired.'

  • Awarded: When a bid is awarded to a bidder, the status changes to 'Awarded.'

  • Canceled: If a bid is canceled, the status is set to 'Canceled' after confirmation.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23