Changes in a project are usually recorded as Change Events. These Change Events are associated with Client and Vendor Contracts for tracking purposes. To access the Change Events module in Finance, several permissions must be assigned to different roles:

  1. Create & Manage Contract Change Events with both Vendors & Clients: This is granted to General Contractors (GCs), allowing them create and manage 'Change Event Requests'

  2. Approve Change Events from GC: Clients need this permission to access, create and approve the 'Change Event Requests'

  3. Respond to Quote Requests for my Company: Vendors use this permission to access 'Change Event Requests' and respond to quotes

Let's delve into the steps involved in creating a Change Event:

  • Users can click on the 'Change Event Requests' tile to open the 'Change Event Requests' popup, utilizing their access permission

  • They initiate a Change Event by filling in mandatory fields such as name and an optional description

  • Next, they select a 'Client Contract' from the Active contracts under the current project. Once chosen, the 'Work Items' field becomes active

  • Users can select one or more work items from the available options. Importantly, work items already associated with active vendor contracts or those in Draft status will not be available for selection

  • After selecting work items, users specify the funding source, choosing from options like Change Order, Contingency, or General Contractor

  • Clicking 'Add' creates a new Change Event Request item set to 'Draft' status, initiating the process

  • A confirmation toast message is displayed to acknowledge the successful initiation of the Change Event

This streamlined process simplifies Change Event creation, ensuring that the right permissions are in place and preventing the selection of unavailable or inactive work items. It enables users to manage Change Events more efficiently and effectively. 

Last Updated: Dec-11-23