Clients play a pivotal role in overseeing Change Event Requests and ensuring they align with project goals. This article outlines the options for responding to Change Event Requests effectively. Users with the ‘Approve Change Events’ permission would be able to authorize or decline change event requests.

Authorizing a Change Event Request

  • Upon receiving a notification for a new Change Event Request (with status - Awaiting Acceptance), the client reviews the request meticulously

  • If the request aligns with project expectations and requirements, the "Authorize" button can be clicked

  • A "Verify & Authorize" popup will appear, summarizing the modifications

  • The digital signature should be added, and consent can be confirmed by checking the user confirmation checkbox

  • Once these steps are completed, the "Authorize" button will activate. Proceed by clicking it

  • New budget line items that are created as a part of this Change Event will include the Approved Change Event costs and client must approve of the update that goes into the budget items

  • The status of the Change Event Request will shift to "Authorized," marking its approval

  • Once a Change Event has been authorized, the “Links” tab will display the associated Client & Vendor Contracts

Rejecting a Change Event Request

  • If it is determined that the Change Event Request isn't acceptable, the "Reject" button can be clicked

  • This action will trigger the "Reject Change Event Request" popup. Here, the reasons behind the rejection can be articulated

  • The signature and approval are essential to proceed. The decision can be affirmed by checking the user confirmation checkbox

  • The "Submit" button will become active; click it to formalize the rejection

  • The status of the Change Event Request will change to "Rejected," indicating the outcome of the assessment

Requesting a Revision

  • Sometimes, a Change Event Request may warrant modifications or further clarification. In such cases, the "Revise & Resubmit" button can be clicked

  • This action will initiate a process of revision, returning the request to the General Contractor (GC) for necessary adjustments

  • The "Revise & Resubmit" popup will appear, signifying the intent to seek revisions

  • The GC will receive a notification to proceed with the required changes

  • The status of the Change Event Request will reflect "Sent Back for Revision," highlighting the ongoing revision process


The client's role in managing Change Event Requests ensures that the project evolves in accordance with the project's vision. By choosing to authorize, reject, or request revisions, clients contribute to the effective management of project changes.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23