If the GC would like the vendors to give accurate quotes for a Work Item that is part of a Change Event, and has a vendor contract associated, they can request the vendor to provide a quote.

Requesting Quotes from Vendors (GC Actions)

  • When creating a Change Event, the GC selects the relevant Work Items that require evaluation

  • For the budget line items that require a quote, the GC selects the 'Request Quote from Vendor' option

    • Note: If the Budget Line Item does not have a vendor associated with it, the 'Request Quote from Vendor' option is disabled, and a notification informs the user that the budget item has not been associated with a vendor yet.

  • Vendor Information is auto-filled. The 'Submit By' date indicates the deadline for the subcontractor to respond with their quote

  • The 'Request Quote from Vendor' button at the bottom is enabled only when all selected Work Items with the 'Request Quote from Vendor' option have a 'Submit By' date

  • If even one budget line item is selected for a vendor quote, the 'Submit Change Event' button changes to 'Request Quote from Vendor'. The GC clicks on the 'Request Quote from Vendor' button, adds their signature, and checks the checkbox to enable the 'Submit' button

  • The status of the Change Event item changes from 'Draft' to 'Awaiting Trade Quote'. A notification is triggered to every vendor for the Work Items selected for the 'Request Quote' option

  • Work Items for which a quote has been requested from vendors will display their status at the top right corner. They will be in one of two statuses:

    • Awaiting Quote: The GC is still awaiting a quote from the vendor. In this status, the GC can cancel the quote request by clicking the 'Cancel' button

      • Quote Cancellation: When a GC cancels the quote request, the Work Item reverts to the other radio button option: 'Provide an Estimated Change Event'

      • Vendor Notification: A notification is triggered to the vendor, informing them that the quote request has been canceled for that particular Work Item

    • Quote Received: This status indicates that a quote from the vendor has been received

Once a quote is received, the GC can review it and take one of the three actions, which will be explained in future sections:

  • Accept Quote

  • Ignore Quote

  • Revise & Resubmit

Note: In the 'Quote Received' status, the 'Cancel Quote Request' button is not available.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23