This guide explains how Vendors / Subcontractors (with ‘Respond to Quote Requests for my Company’ permission) can respond to quote requests for Change Events from General Contractors (GCs).

Vendor Steps

Receiving Quote Request:

Vendors receive a notification or can access the 'Change Event' module to view the quote request. They must log in to respond to the quote request.

Viewing Quote Request:

Vendors click on the change event request with status ‘Awaiting Quote’ to access details or use the 'Request Quote' notification.

Providing Quotes:

  • Vendors review the change request and input quote amounts for each Budget Line Item

  • Quote amounts can be added manually or with a calculator. 'Unit of Measure' and 'Unit Cost' are included

  • The 'Submit' button activates when all Work Items have quotes

Change Event Status:

The status changes from 'Awaiting Quote' to 'Quote Sent' when all quotes are submitted and GCs receive a notification about the vendor’s sent quote

Work Item Status:

Individual Work Items change to 'Quote Sent.' Once the GC reviews the quotes, the GC can either accept the quote or send it back for revision. The status of the change event depends on the actions carried out by the GC after a quote has been sent out.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23