Three key actions can be taken by a General Contractor (GC) when reviewing quotes received from vendors in response to Change Event requests.

Accept Quote

When the GC receives a quote from a vendor for a budget line item, they have the option to "Accept Quote." This action signifies that the GC agrees with the provided quote and is ready to proceed with the quoted amount. The process includes:

  • Click "Accept Quote" for the relevant Work Item with the received quote

  • A confirmation pop-up appears and on clicking "Yes", the Work Item's status changes to "Quote Accepted."

Revise & Resubmit

If the GC believes a quote needs revision, they can choose the "Revise & Resubmit" action. This action indicates that the GC wants the vendor to revisit and adjust their quote for that budget line item. The steps involve:

  • Click "Revise and Send Back" for the specific Work Item with the quote to be revised

  • A confirmation pop-up appears and on clicking "Yes", the Work Item status reverts to "Awaiting Quote," and a notification is sent to the vendor, prompting them to revise and resubmit.

  • The status changes to ‘Sent back to Vendor’. Once a quote has been sent back for revision, GC has the option to ‘Cancel Request’ at any time. Clicking ‘Cancel Request’ will change the option (radio button) back to ‘Provide an Estimated Change Event’ automatically and a notification will be triggered to the vendor

Ignore Quote

When a GC receives a quote that is inaccurate or no longer required, they can select the "Ignore Quote" option. This action lets the GC disregard the received quote and manually provide their own estimated change event amount. The steps involve:

  • Click "Ignore Quote" for the Work Item with the quote to be ignored.

  • A confirmation pop-up appears, and on clicking "Yes", the Work Item’s option will default to "Provide an Estimated Change Event"

  • Manually enter the "Estimated CE Amount" for that Work Item

  • Once all Work Items have valid estimated amounts, the "Submit Change Event" button becomes enabled

With these three actions, GCs can efficiently manage and respond to vendor quotes during the Change Event process.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23